Why Refer Your Former Tenant Arrears (FTA's) to Credit G?

Effective income management is vital to the viability of Housing Associations, Letting Agents and Landlords. Rent arrears represent a real loss of income. In fact on average 80% of a social landlords revenue will be derived from rental income (Audit Commission).

Rent arrears are a significant and escalating problem for most landlords. With the latest welfare reforms this problem is likely to increase even further. Our clients realise that prevention is better than cure. In fact great strides have been made in recent years such as: Improving sign up procedures. Addressing delays in housing benefit. Acting quickly, and communicating efficiently with tenants who begin to fall into arrears. The vast majority of tenants are completely honest and wish to avoid falling into debt. Rent arrears create stress and anxiety, and may eventuate in homelessness. However there is a hardcore of debtors who will not pay. In this situation the landlord has limited options: The debt may be written off. Or the landlord could engage in large scale legal action. This would create a further expense, and may result in “throwing good money after bad”. The third option would be to sell the debt. Our clients tell us that the single biggest issue when selling the debt is the reduced amount of control. Therefore it is essential for the landlord to select a Debt Collector who would pursue debts in a way that is consistent with their own principles and policies. The major advantage to debt sale is that the landlord is guaranteed to recoup at least some of the lost revenue.

Credit G will not be always able to recover 100% of your former tenant arrears (FTA's). We will however, create an additional revenue stream that you can depend on. We offer a completely risk free service, with clear and transparent commission levels. Our aim is to offer a fair pricing structure where you are charged in accordance with amount of recovery effort we put in. All our clients have free web based access to their accounts. We endeavour to create long term sustainable partnerships with our clients. The best assurance we can give is our track record; we have been in operation since 1998, we have never received a serious complaint regarding our tactics or approach.

If you would like to find out more about our services or to discuss your needs in more detail, we would be delighted to hear from you..

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